A Contextual Formation

We follow a pattern of preparing ministers ‘in the world, for service to the world’: This means that our ordinand students study for theological qualifications with educational partners, often local universities. Ordinands take classes alongside students from other denominations, and often with ‘ordinary’ graduate and undergraduate students heading for a multiplicity of careers. Scottish College students bring their calling to ministry to be rooted and matured in the academic marketplace of ideas. Our approach is also ‘with the whole Church, to serve the Church’: almost all elements of our formational programme are also made available to members, elders and local church leaders. Ministerial formation is integrated with the education of the whole people of God – learning together with and from one another. 

Partnership and Flexibility

The College enjoys a close relationship with the National Synod of Scotland, which roots our work in a stimulating local context. Our community, however, comes from all over the United Reformed Church and beyond. Ecclesiastical partnership with the Scottish Synod is complemented by a close relationship with our educational partners. College staff contribute to teaching at the University of Glasgow and the Scottish Episcopal Institute in Edinburgh. 

We have similarly worked with other universities (as far distant as Cardiff). The aim in every case is to put together an appropriate and stimulating programme of academic and ecclesiastical formation for each of our students. At Glasgow, we also work closely with the Church of Scotland’s Trinity College and deliver a number of modules and learning opportunities together. 

Increasingly, we are seeking to complement our face-to-face meetings with sessions delivered to students in their homes through video conferencing. 

Partnership, mutual learning and flexibility are characteristic of our programmes. Courses draw on history, literature, social sciences and a range of other disciplines and experiences. We integrate traditional perspectives with more radical outlooks. 

Our Partners

University of Glasgow
(Theology and Religious Studies)
URC National Synod of Scotland Trinity College, Glasgow
(Church of Scotland)
Scottish Episcopal Institute

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