Partnership, mutual learning and flexibility are characteristic of programmes of formation for ministry at the Scottish College during EM1. Our commitment to scholarship in theology and biblical studies is matched by a robust interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning – courses draw on history, literature, social sciences and a range of other disciplines and experiences. We integrate traditional perspectives with more radical outlooks on learning.

Our approach to theological education draws on a close connection between the College and the church at various levels.  Our students become part of a learning community that is much wider than an ordinand community.  The College’s educational philosophy reflects the best in contemporary education practice with specialist adult education and community work input. We are committed to integrating the learning of ordinands with that of the whole church – learning together with and from one another.  

Scottish College is…

  • A creative, energising and committed community, exploring our faith in innovative ways 
  • People who know that fun is part of the joy of the Gospel 
  • A holistic space in which the whole of ministry and our lives are brought together 
  • A safe space where deep trust is built to house significant conversations 
  • A framework that allows us to use a suitable university or learning partner near the student for the more ‘formal’ part of ministerial formation 
  • A community in which all are learners and all are teachers 

Staff and Students at the Scottish College commit themselves to…

  • Fostering learning that draws on a range of disciplines and integrates different ways of thinking 
  • Nurturing the growth of the individual and the community for ministry and life  
  • Learning alongside elders, members, other ministers 
  • Lots of eating together, of sharing conversation and of being open to epiphanies, large and small 
  • Going to a variety of settings - wherever we find there is an opportunity to experience and learn something new together 
  • Sharing in the life of the National Synod of Scotland and beyond.

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