Courses on offer 

Most ordinands will be required to obtain a theological qualification as part of their programme and we cooperate with partners who help us deliver this. For us, this is not unusual but the way that our ministerial preparation has been delivered for decades. Our most usual partners are Glasgow University and the Scottish Episcopal Institute. We are able to offer rigorous and appropriate programmes, both general and specialist, across a range of levels, from diploma to doctoral opportunities. 

Study Patterns

Where it is not practical or desirable for an ordinand to study in Scotland, we support our students in pursuing studies, undergraduate or postgraduate as appropriate, at a suitable local university, often close to home. Our aim is always to identify the best solution for each student. 

In a small number of cases, it may be appropriate for the EM1 student to pursue a non-university programme which is more focused on placement and reflective learning. 

The College supports ordinand students following courses offered in a number of different modes. A theological qualification may be followed on the basis of fulltime or part-time attendance, or distance learning. Each year, the dates of College modules are settled in consultation with the student community, trying to ensure that these fit in with students’ other commitments. 


Placements are an indispensable element of every ordinand student’s programme throughout the time of study with us.. These take place in a variety of settings – local churches (including ecumenical settings), hospitals and schools, prisons and workplaces. Placements are structured to promote an experience of supported learning that allows the student to engage deeply with different ministry contexts. These can be close to or easily accessible from the ordinand’s home. 

Living Arrangements

If it is practical for you, you may choose to move to Scotland for EM1. If so, the College can support you in finding accommodation and making necessary arrangements. Of course, you don’t have to live in Scotland to study with the Scottish College. We have experience in making things work well for those who cannot move.

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